Switzerland is more than banks, watches and big insurance companies. Take Zürich for example, the biggest city of the country with about 400.000 inhabitants.

Through Zürich runs the river Limmat, and it is beautifully located close to Lake Zürich. Most people are surprised to see just how beautiful it is. There are lots of green spaces, sidewalk cafes, restaurants, galleries, museums, theatres and concert venues. The most famous attractions include the old part of town, which emanates historic charm, Kunsthaus Zürich, which is one of the biggest art museums in Europe and, of course, the churches Grossmünster and Fraumünster.

However, the focus of the city for locals and tourists alike is the beautiful Lake Zürich. You can grab one of the many boats and go out on the lake to enjoy the view of the Alps and the many promenades and parks along the coast.

If you want more breath-taking nature, you can take a train for a few minutes to the mountain Uetliberg. Here, you get an impressive view of the entire area.

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