Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

The purpose of Private Jet Partner is to act as an intermediary between the customer and the operator of a specific aircraft. We help you find just the right airplane based on your expectations and visions, and we guide you through the whole process.

Private Jet Partner have several different tools and a large network, which is our foundation for offering you the best service. We have especially good qualifications that others do not have, because we have a lot of experience being pilots our- selves. As a pilot, you are part of the operation, which is a big advantage and provides thorough knowledge of how to put everything together. Our experience as pilots assures you that we know all aspects of planning, booking and, of course, flying. Right from when you approach us with an idea up until you have arrived safely at your destination of choice.

Private Jet Partner is a valuable partner in a constantly evolving marketplace. With so many forces working against the consumer in retail private jet charter, a broker is an essential partner.

If you are new to private jet charter, you probably have all sorts of questions. Who owns the planes and where do they come from? What guarantees exist for safety, quality and fair pricing? We can answer all of these questions and more. The private jet industry is complex, with nuances in pricing and trip planning. Please, do not hesitate to ask.

Private Jet Partner is a reliable industry advocate — understanding pricing and logistics will create confidence in your jet charter decisions.

Be wary of companies that avoid questions about pricing or seem unclear of the operational requirements of your trip.

Private Jet Partner provides transparency in bookings and show a desire to educate.