Private Jet Rental

Private Jet Rental

Private Jet Partner ensures that you get the best service and the best options at the most beneficial prices.

Traveling with a private aircraft is the ultimate freedom. A lot of people have figured this out. For instance, if you have a business meeting or a conference, the flight itself might be the most important part. For others, it is a more comfortable way of going on a holiday, to a football game or to go hunting. Private Jet Partner can help make everything come together.

Private Jet Partner is able to fulfill even the wildest wishes. It does not matter if you want to sit first row at the Formula 1 in Monaco, rent a luxury yacht in Ibiza or maybe enjoy an exclusive skiing trip in Sankt Anton.

The most important thing is that the client gets the best solution possible and gets exactly the experience they were imagining.

The service does not end here. If you as a client have extra requirements on the destination, you can expect help from Private Jet Partner 24 hours a day.

“It is important to highlight that the number of participants is not important. We provide private aircraft and private charter flights with room for you, your friends, family, or colleagues. Or maybe all of them at once. It is entirely up to you,“

And yes, it is expensive. Amazing service and liberty costs.

If you need inspiration for a trip – for business or pleasure – there are plenty of suggestions throughout the website where you can make the acquaintance of some of Private Jet Partners collaborators.