Very Light Jets (1 – 4 seats)

The ‘very light jets’, also called ‘VLJs’ and previously known as a microjet is a quite recent business aircraft category. It is a category of small jet aircraft approved for single pilot operation, seating 4 to 6 people, with a maximum take-off weight of under 10,000 pounds (4,540 kg). They are lighter than what is commonly termed business jets and are designed to be flown by single pilot owners. VLJs are intended to have lower operating costs than conventional jets, and to be able to operate from runways as short as 3,000 feet (914 m) either for personal use or in a point-to-point air taxi service.


  • CESSNA Citation Mustang
  • EMBRAER Phenom 100
  • HONDA HA-420 HondaJet


  • Low jet speed (600-700 km/h)
  • Short range
  • Small cabin (2 – 4 pax; no stand-up)