Spain has a lot of tempting and beautiful destinations. One of them is Seville, which is the capital and biggest city of the province of the same name.

The province has around two million inhabitants of which 40 pct. live in Seville city — a city with a rich history. This is especially noticeable if you take a stroll through the many small and winding streets that exude history. The buildings are imprinted by Christian, Roman, Moorish and of course modern looks. The most famous building is without a doubt the city’s gigantic and breathtaking Cathedral, La Giralda.

Seville is famous for being the place from which Columbus headed out to discover the new world in 1492. The famous explorer is also buried in La Giralda.

Seville is the perfect choice for an extended weekend trip as you can combine historic places and beautiful buildings with local art and fantastic food in a city where the sun almost always shines.

Another interesting thing is that Seville also has no less than two teams in the best football league in Spain, making it a popular football destination — especially for fans of Sevilla FC, which has really made its mark the last few years.

The Plaza de España, Seville